About Us

Trained and Certified since 2010 for eyelash extensions, Dana has always stayed in tune with the newest trends and styles to hit the eyelash extension world, never forgetting to keep the natural lash health as a top priority.

As 2020 approaches, empowering women's beauty is no longer a movement, it is a lifestyle that is inspiring female business owners to embrace the feministic culture with confident elegance. Now, enter into the world of femme. lash & brow and understand where the beauty industry standard is being exceeded!

Empower Your Beauty is the motto and the culture at femme. where all are meant to experience the highest quality of services and products that are designed to bring out your best beautiful features. No detail is left to chance as the stylists are committed to satisfying all the delicate touches one would come to expect in an industry where the services provided are literally on display for everyone to see as you walk out feeling refreshed and beautiful.

From lash extension, filling and lifting, to waxing services and spray tans, femme. can satisfy all your needs. Services provided are second to none, and the products offered in-store and online are meant to enhance your experience after you have had a wonderful technique applied. We encourage you to browse through the boutique shop and pick up a unique, one of a kind femme. item that will insure to get others to notice you.

Quality over quantity, with detailed services specific to your needs and desired outcome, is what you will always come to expect at femme. With two convent locations in Roscoe, step inside, or make an appointment online, and let the excellent stylist at femme. Empower Your Beauty!

About Dana Hanson: Dana is the proud owner of femme. lash & brow and is inspired to outperform all others in the beauty industry to ensure that you feel your best. Dana is a certified master stylist and trainer with more than 15 years of experience in eyelash extensions that cannot be matched. Dana is also a licensed esthetician and nail technician. Having worked for other local salons, receiving training from top stylists from around the world, including Rebecca Chung of Princess Brows/House of PMU, Dana came to the realization that she could bring her own style to the forefront while opening up her first salon in Rockford Illinois in 2014.
Dana has since built a skill set of excellence as she prides herself in offering the very best while performing Microblading, Ombre' Brow, Powder Brow, Permanent Make-up, and most recently Plasma Skin Tightening, all while keeping focus on the health and healing of the body. Her excellent reputation has built a following and cliental base that has allowed her to open her second location in 2019 in Roscoe Illinois.

Dana is an independent business owner, a proud mother of four children, and prides herself in growing up in the Rockford area Dana possesses an unyielding drive to provide both women and men the opportunity to feel their best and empower their inward and outward beauty. The femme. brand serves as a symbol of Dana's devotion to the beauty industry. Possessing more than 13 licensures and certifications in training, techniques, and treatments that promote overall beautification, Dana continues to seek new opportunities that will shape the culture that she most dearly loves. Trust in Dana and her staff to

Empower Your Beauty today.