Wake Up With Perfect Lashes

Let our team give you eyelash extensions in Roscoe, IL

Imagine how much time you could save in the morning if you didn't have to put on mascara or fake lashes. This easy morning routine could be your reality if you have eyelash extensions. Femme.lash and brow offers eyelash extension service to make your lashes even more beautiful. We can create different looks by altering the thickness and length of your eyelash extensions.

Get the lashes you've always wanted by scheduling eyelash extension service in Roscoe, IL today.

5 benefits of eyelash extensions

When you're looking for new ways to improve your beauty routine, semipermanent makeup or eyelash extensions may be the way to go. Eyelash extensions can:

  1. Add volume to your natural lashes
  2. Enhance the look of your eyes
  3. Lift your natural lashes
  4. Make your lashes longer
  5. Add fullness and shape

Our eyelash extensions are also water-resistant. Contact us today to get more information on our eyelash extension service.