Spend Less Time Doing Your Makeup

Learn more about our permanent makeup services in Roscoe, IL

Although the word "permanent" can sound overwhelming, it can help you feel relieved when it comes to makeup. Femme.lash and brow offers permanent makeup services in Roscoe, IL to help you spend less time in front of the mirror. If you've ever wondered what is permanent makeup-it refers to applying specifically created pigments for your skin to different areas of your face to mimic the look of makeup.

Our skilled estheticians have over 10 certifications in permanent makeup techniques and continue their education to keep themselves up to date in this ever-changing industry. Trust us to help you achieve your desired look effortlessly. Learn more about our permanent makeup options by contacting us today.

We can apply permanent makeup to any area of your face

When asking yourself what is permanent makeup, think about semipermanent ink. Some of our permanent makeup application services involve small needles while others involve semipermanent ink. Our talented team can apply permanent makeup to your:

  • Lips, so they look plump and subtlety colored
  • Eyelids, so you'll have perfect eyeliner every day
  • Eyebrows, so you can achieve fuller brows

We're certified to perform five different techniques to give you the full brows you've always wanted. Book a service with one of our estheticians today.